About Tiberiu Dianu

Tiberiu Dianu (born in 1961) is a native of Romania and a United States citizen. He holds degrees and diplomas from universities in Bucharest (Romania), Strasbourg (France), Oxford and Manchester (United Kingdom), and the American University Washington College of Law in Washington, DC (United States). He has pursued doctoral studies at the universities of Bucharest (Romania) and University of Maryland at College Park (United States).

Tiberiu has practiced law in Romania (as a corporate lawyer, judge, senior counselor at the Ministry of Justice, university professor, and senior legal researcher) and in the United States (as a legal expert for the judiciary).

His publications include several books and book chapters (published in Romania, the Netherlands and the United States) and a host of articles on law, politics, and post-communist societies (published in over 100 journals and blogs worldwide).
Tiberiu is a recipient of the Romanian Academy Award (1996) for the book Transition and Crime (Bucharest, Oscar Print, 1994). His other books include: Criminal Law: General Part (Bucharest, Hyperion XXI, 1992, co-author); International Penal Protection of Human Rights (Bucharest, Lumina Lex, 1996); Manslaughter: A Legal Study on Causation (Bucharest, Lumina Lex, 1996); Constitution of Romania 1991: A Critical Approach (Bucharest, Oscar Print, 1997); Non-Custodial Sanctions: Alternative Models for Post-Communist Societies (New York, Nova Science Publishers, 1997); Criminal Case Law, Vol. V: Statutory Offenses (Bucharest, Romanian Academy Publishing House, 1998, co-author); Criminal Law Reform (Bucharest, Romanian Academy Publishing House, 2003, co-author); and Trumplandia (multiple international editions, 2019-2021).

Tiberiu currently lives and works in Washington, DC.